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How Do You Calculate Land Perimeter and Area?

SketchAndCalc uses the ‘surveyors formula’ to Calculate Irregular Land Area once the Perimeter has been drawn. Find your Land Perimeter and Area in Three Easy Steps Carefully defining the area’s perimeter is critical to the overall accuracy of the land calculation. As the process of drawing establishes vertices for which X and Y coordinates are … Read more

How Do You Calculate Irregular Area?

Calculate Irregular Area of both Maps, and Imported Images with SketchAndCalc. Irregular Land Area Irregular shaped plots or multiple parcels of land are easy to calculate with a choice of drawing tools and drawing layers. You can even reference one layer whilst drawing another. Helpful if you want to split land into multiple parcels / … Read more

How to Calculate Acreage of Land?

Begin to calculate acreage by searching for the land area. Enter the address, postal code, or longitude and latitude into SketchAndCalc’s search field. Once you’ve found the area of interest, zoom in and choose the maps ‘Satellite’ or ‘Hybrid’ view. Next, begin to carefully draw the lands perimeter using one of the many drawing tools. … Read more

Google Maps Area Calculator App

Many industries require fast, accurate area calculations over Google Maps. The ability to follow a maps curved contours, calculate multiple complex areas and lengths over Google Maps is a priority for professionals. Search the Google Maps on address or longitude and latitude. Then simply draw the shapes perimeter as it appears on the map to … Read more