How using an area calculator can help with roofing jobs

Without utilizing the proper tools, trying to determine the proper area of a residential or commercial roofing space can be difficult. With various different angles and pitches, it’s nearly impossible to get the right reading without physically getting onto the roof itself.

But now, with SketchAndCalc’s area calculator, finding an accurate surface area measurement for roofs (yes, even with the pitch!) has never been easier.

Know the Pitch

If you know the pitch of the roof you’re trying to measure (or have access to an attic space to be able to accurately measure the pitch), you’re well on your way to being able to provide a hassle free (and accurate) surface measurement.

Read about the roof area calculator to learn how to measure the roof’s pitch in order to utilize the area calculator properly.

Find the Area

Once you’ve gotten the roof’s pitch, log on to the SketchAndCalc area calculator to begin finding the area of a roof from satellite imagery. Make sure to account for dormer windows or other structures that might share various pitches when starting to use the calculator. And once you’ve found the address via satellite images, you’re ready to draw the roof’s area and get the measurements. It’s that simple!

Click the link for more information on how to calculate the roof area in coordination with the pitch.

Provide the Quote

Here is where utilizing an area calculator can really help benefit construction contractors when trying to accurately figure out roofing jobs: you can provide a rock-solid quote in minutes with perfect precision!

After utilizing SketchAndCalc’s area calculator, simply take the final area calculations and figure out exactly how many shingles or various other roofing materials you may need. A quick, simple and accurate quote provided directly to your customer without having to set foot on the roof — as easy as it gets.

Interested in utilizing SketchAndCalc as an area calculator to help with your roofing projects? We’re confident you’ll love our easy-to-use area tracing technology. Click here to start drawing today!

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