Calculate Hair Loss in Millimetres

Take the stress out of getting multiple hair transplant quotes from specialists. Find out how many hair transplant grafts you’ll need to budget for using our Hair Loss Area Calculator.

Calculate How Many Hair Grafts I Need

Provide your list of hair transplant specialists a better understanding of the extent of hair loss with an accurate scalp area in square millimetres, along with well lite images showing the areas you wish to restore with healthy hair.

Alongside your accurate area calculation, be sure to include detailed images of the entire scalp showing the density of follicles in ‘donor areas’ as this important factor influences the viability and overall outcome of the hair restoration.

Hair Loss Area Calculator

Most hair transplant clinics provide you a cost per graft, but without an accurate area calculation or assessment of hair follicle density the transplant cost estimate can vary.  By providing all specialists with the same detailed information you’ll be able to make a comparison between clinics. 

Hair transplant restoration can be expensive, with travel expenses and overnight stays common (maximum number of grafts possible to transplant in one day is roughly 4,000 by FUT or 2,000 by FUE), it’s important you arrive at an accurate number of hair grafts without any hidden surprises.

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