Hair Transplant Area Calculator

Find out how many hair transplant grafts you’ll need to budget for using our Hair Loss Area Calculator for an accurate scalp area in square millimetres.

Step 1

Have someone take a top down image of your scalp with a coin resting atop.

Hair loss graft calculator

Step 2

Using a desktop browser, login to SketchAndCalc and Import your image.

Hair Transplant Graft Calculator

Step 3

Using the ‘Scale Tool’ draw the diameter of the coin, input its length in mm, submit, and ‘Add to Canvas’.

Hair Graft Calculator

Step 4

Draw the area of hair loss, collect the results, and export the image as a .png.

How many grafts needed in hair transplant?

With the area of hair loss now calculated, you can submit this information along with supporting images to your choice of clinics for a more accurate assessment.

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