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Calculate Hair Loss in Millimetres

Take the stress out of getting multiple hair transplant quotes from specialists. Find out how many hair transplant grafts you’ll need to budget for using our Hair Loss Area Calculator. Calculate How Many Hair Grafts I Need Provide your list of hair transplant specialists a better understanding of the extent of hair loss with an … Read more

Area calculators and the medical industry

Although it might not be the first field or industry you think of when considering reasons to use an area calculator, one of the most common uses of SketchAndCalc’s area calculator is actually the medical industry. Utilizing an area calculator can help researches in the medical industry understand a vast variety of things; from measuring … Read more

Calculate the Body Surface Area

Body Surface Area Calculator App

SketchAndCalc is often used in the medical community as a Body Surface Area Calculator. Whether to calculate a persons somatotype or just to compute the total surface area of a human body, referred to as body surface area or BSA. Direct measurement of BSA can be difficult, most surface area calculators employ formulas that offer … Read more

Accuracy of Irregular Area

How Accurate is our Area Calculator?

So you’ve trialed SketchAndCalc™, but just how accurate is our area calculator? Area of Regular Polygon ShapesBased on the number of vertices (control points), and the angles between them, SketchAndCalc™ automatically detects whether a Square, Rectangle or Circle is present. For these regular polygons, a formula is chosen to calculate area based on the length … Read more

Area Calculator App for Mobile

Why do you need an Area Calculator

Since launch in 2008 feedback from users has been the most influential factor in SketchAndCalc’s development. An area calculator with surprisingly endless uses from a wide variety of industries sometimes makes it difficult for me, the developer, to prioritize which features offer the greatest return for most users.