How Much Will A Hair Transplant Cost?

The cost per hair graft can vary wildly depending on the country, hence the term medical tourism. Some hair loss clinics provide a cost per graft that can be helpful to estimate the hair transplant cost.

Russia cost per graft – $1 – $2

Turkey, Cyprus, Hungary, Romania cost per graft – $2 – $4

Portugal, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy cost per graft – $2.50 – $6

Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland cost per graft – $4 – $7.50

USA cost per graft – $5 – $8

This cost per hair graft, whilst useful, shouldn’t solely be used to calculate the total cost. Density, donor area, and most importantly an accurate assessment of square area of the affected scalp that is thinning must be considered by the clinic to provide an accurate quotation.

You can quickly calculate the scalp area for treatment with our Hair Loss Area Calculator

When estimating the cost of hair transplantation, try to remove as many variables before choosing a specialist.

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