• How does SketchAndCalc calculate area?

    Simply draw the area you need to calculate. It’s that simple!

    Draw over maps, images, or a blank grid.

    Line lengths are displayed as you draw, and area and perimeter results are displayed in all measurement systems as the shape is closed.

  • How do I set the drawing scale?

    When finding the area of a map the drawing scale is set automatically based on map data. Just zoom in and start drawing.

    To set the scale of an image you’ll be prompted to draw and enter a ‘known length’ during image importation. A ‘known length’ could be any landmark or object on the image you know the length of. It could be a pin head, rular, or doorway.

    If you happen to know the scale you need before drawing you can manually set the length of a grid square in the measurement system you chose from the top right corner.

  • Can I calculate liner length?


    Not only can you draw multiple line lengths on separate layers, you can sum the total length of all open shapes together in one place. Giving you a total view of all liner lengths on all layers.

    You can even reference one layer whilst drawing another, and color code them.

  • What measurement systems are supported?

    Area and perimeter results are offered in both metric (decimal measurement system or SI) and the imperial measurement system.

    Square Nanometers
    Square Millimeters
    Square Centimeters
    Square Meters
    Square Kilometers
    And Hectares

    Square Inches
    Square Feet
    Square Yards
    Square Miles
    And Acres

  • What image formats can I import?

    You can import images in the following formats:


  • Can I download SketchAndCalc for my device?


    There are desktop apps for Windows, and macOS. Plus mobile apps for iOS and Android tablets and phones.

  • How can I get support?

    Drop us a note with a detailed description or question and we’ll get right back to you. The more info the better.

  • How much does it cost?

    User Accounts
    There are two Subscription options and a Pay-As-You-Go plan for infrequent use.

    Based on usage you can choose from the following:

    Project – a monthly recurring subscription of $9.99 usd (0.32 cents /d).

    Pro – an annual recurring subscription of $99 usd, saving 17%.

    Pay-Per-Day – a daily subscription of $1.99 per 24h usage, billed monthly *
    * You are only billed for the day/s use during the course of a month.

    Team Accounts
    There are three team plans that allow an account to be shared across your team.

    Based on the size of your team choose from the following:

    Pro Team 5 – five team members can access the account simultaneously.

    Pro Team 20 – twenty team members can access the account simultaneously.

    Pro Unlimited – an unlimited number of team members can access the account simultaneously.

    Cancel your subscription easily at any time.

  • When will I be billed?

    With Pay-Per-Day there are no monthly subscription payments. You pay only for the day or days you use SketchAndCalc during the course of a single month.


    Sign up on Sept 3rd, and use for a single day (24 hours). You should expect to be billed $1.99 on or near Oct 3rd (approximately 1 month later).

    If you subsequently log in and agree to use SketchAndCalc on Nov 14th and 15th you should expect to be billed $3.98 on or near December 3rd.

    The Project plan is our month-to-month unlimited subscription. You can log in and use SketchAndCalc anytime for a flat fee of $9.99 per month.


    Sign up to the Project plan on July 16th. You should expect to be billed $9.99 on or near the 16th of each month thereafter.

    The Pro plan is our annual unlimited subscription. You can log in and use SketchAndCalc anytime for a flat fee of $99 per year.


    Sign up to the Pro plan on Jan 2nd, 2019. You should expect to be billed $99 on Jan 2nd of each year thereafter.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Cancel anytime. Simply login and go to Settings > Account > Unsubscribe.

    Upon canceling your annual subscription the balance of the plan will be prorated monthly, based on the date of cancellation. A refund for the remaining months will be offered and credited to the card on file.

    Refunds for the balance of monthly or daily subscriptions will not be offered. In this case, the billing cycle will simply stop and no further payments will be processed.