Area calculators and the medical industry

Although it might not be the first field or industry you think of when considering reasons to use an area calculator, one of the most common uses of SketchAndCalc’s area calculator is actually the medical industry.

Utilizing an area calculator can help researches in the medical industry understand a vast variety of things; from measuring the healing rates of wounds, to more in-depth analysis of spinal reconstruction, tumors, cellular processes and more. 

Using the area calculator for medical usage

With SketchAndCalc’s area calculator, you simply need to start by setting the image’s scale. By providing an image that contains a “known length, like a radio-opaque ruler, disc or coin.

Body Surface Area

Utilizing SketchAndCalc’s area calculator as a body surface area calculator, or BSA calculator,, researchers in the medical industry can help calculate things like a person’s somatotype, or just the total surface of the human body.

One thing that makes SketchAndCalc’s area calculator unique is that it calculates the BSA by accurately tracing the perimeter of a person’s silhouette.

Ready to give SketchAndCalc a try?

Interested in utilizing SketchAndCalc for your body surface area (BSA) or various other medical industry area calculator needs? Regardless the need, we’re confident you’ll love our easy-to-use area tracing technology. Click here to start drawing today!

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