Area Calculator Uses

Calculate Hair Loss in Millimetres

Take the stress out of getting multiple hair transplant quotes from specialists. Find out how many hair transplant grafts you’ll need to budget for using our Hair Loss Area Calculator. Calculate How Many Hair Grafts I Need Provide your list of hair transplant specialists a better understanding of the extent of hair loss with an … Read more

Area calculators and the medical industry

Although it might not be the first field or industry you think of when considering reasons to use an area calculator, one of the most common uses of SketchAndCalc’s area calculator is actually the medical industry. Utilizing an area calculator can help researches in the medical industry understand a vast variety of things; from measuring … Read more

Top reasons utilizing an area calculator can help your real estate listings

Selling your home? Or perhaps you work in commercial real estate and are looking to give your listings a boost? By utilizing SketchAndCalc’s area calculator and understanding the exact floorplan of a home or commercial property, you can help boost your listings with an added dimension of information for potential buyers.  Help potential buyers visualize … Read more

How Do You Calculate Land Perimeter and Area?

SketchAndCalc uses the ‘surveyors formula’ to Calculate Irregular Land Area once the Perimeter has been drawn. Find your Land Perimeter and Area in Three Easy Steps Carefully defining the area’s perimeter is critical to the overall accuracy of the land calculation. As the process of drawing establishes vertices for which X and Y coordinates are … Read more

How Do You Calculate Irregular Area?

Calculate Irregular Area of both Maps, and Imported Images with SketchAndCalc. Irregular Land Area Irregular shaped plots or multiple parcels of land are easy to calculate with a choice of drawing tools and drawing layers. You can even reference one layer whilst drawing another. Helpful if you want to split land into multiple parcels / … Read more