How Do You Calculate Irregular Area?

Calculate Irregular Area of both Maps, and Imported Images with SketchAndCalc.

Irregular Land Area

Irregular shaped plots or multiple parcels of land are easy to calculate with a choice of drawing tools and drawing layers. You can even reference one layer whilst drawing another. Helpful if you want to split land into multiple parcels / plots.

For land area, if you need to calculate acres or hectares first select a measurement of length, such as feet, meters, miles, or kilometres for your drawing, as acres and hectares are already a measurement of squared area.

Calculate Irregular Area of land.

Odd Shaped Image Area

Find the area of irregular shapes contained within images of various scales requires setting the drawing scale with a known length.

Set the drawing scale during image import by identifying such a length. Once set, multiple irregular area’s can be calculated by drawing the perimeter of each shape. Then later summed together from the ‘sum’ layer.

Irregular Image Area Calculator

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