How You Find Area of Land Quickly?

To quickly and accurately find the area of land, take advantage of SketchAndCalc’s free trial and follow these easy steps for a fast and accurate area calculation.

Step 1. Show Maps

Launch SketchAndCalc and select ‘show maps’ from the main menu in the top right.

Map Area Calculator

Step 2. Search Land Area

Next, use the search box in the top left corner and enter the land address, postal code, or longitude and latitude.

Or simply zoom in and pan the map to find the perimeter of your land. If you know the longitude and latitude you can input that too!

Area calculator search maps

Step 3. Draw Land Area

Now get drawing. Use one of the many drawing tools found in the toolbar to draw the perimeter, or perimeters if your finding the area of multiple parcels.

Find the area of land quickly by drawing the perimeter of the land.

Area and perimeter results are immediately displayed in the bottom right corner as the drawn shape is closed. SketchAndCalc will even sum the area of multiple parcels together.

Land Area Results

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