Top reasons to use an area calculator

With SketchAndCalc, you can calculate the area and perimeter of any shape you draw or image you trace — from finding the area of a property using a satellite image, down to measuring the healing rates of wounds, spinal reconstruction and more in the medical industry.

So, what are the top reasons to use SketchAndCalc’s area calculator?

Area Calculator: Finding Roofing Details

Without the right tools, trying to determine the surface area of sloped roofs can be a time-consuming nightmare. 

Whether you’re a construction contractor trying to determine the amount of materials needed for a roofing job, or you’re simply looking to determine the square footage of a home or commercial space, utilizing SketchAndCalc as a roof area calculator can help provide fast (and accurate) area details for a roof of any size.

Medical Usage With Area Calculators

When you think of an area calculator, you might not immediately think of the medical industry being one of the most common uses. 

However, medical experts utilize SketchAndCalc’s area calculator to help determine a variety of things — from the healing rates of a wound, to tumors, cellular processes and spinal reconstruction, just to name a few.

Area Calculators for Property Calculations

Finding the accurate area of your property by simply using satellite imagery, whether measured in meters, yards, acres or hectares, can be a struggle. 

But with SketchAndCalc’s area calculator, you can reference one area, drop a “pin,” and successfully measure parcels of land in your desired method of measurement. This can be incredibly useful when working on construction projects, creating new property lines and more.

Interested in utilizing SketchAndCalc for your area calculator needs? Regardless the need, we’re confident you’ll love our easy-to-use area tracing technology. Click here to start drawing today!

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