Medical Area Calculator

Irregular shapes of any size and scale.

Irregular Area Calculator

Some of the most common uses of our area calculator in the medical industry are around research.

Although measuring the healing rates of wounds, spinal reconstruction, tumours, and cellular processes are just some of the many ways our area calculator can be used.

Setting The Image Scale

Providing the image contains a ‘known length’, setting the drawing scale is simple. A ‘known length’ is any landmark contained in the image that you know the length of.

In the context of Xray’s this calibration might include a radio-opaque ruler, a disc or a coin. However, they must be placed in the same plane of the joint or area of interest and held perpendicular to the X-ray beam. Metal spheres, usually with a 25mm diameter, offer an advantage in that the symmetry makes orientation unimportant.

Scale bars are common in digital microscope imaging. If your image doesn’t have a scale bar there are many online tutorials to help you add one.

Once a ‘known length’ has been drawn, use the scale tool to enter the measurement system and its length to set the drawing scale.

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