Land Area Calculator

Fast, accurate land area calculations for irregular
plots of land.

Land Area Calculator

Find area and perimeter lengths in all common measurement systems including meters, yards, acres and hectares.

Reference one area when drawing another when you ‘Pin’ a layer to the grid. Helpful if you need to split a parcel of land into pieces or establish a new boundary line that isn’t visible on the map.

Search on postal code, or longitude and latitude.

When zoomed in, switch to satellite view and begin drawing the perimeter of your area.

Collect square area, perimeter and linear length results (where present) from the bottom right corner. Any ‘pinned’ layer will be visible when working on another layer.

Add as many drawing layers as you need, and sum the total area, perimeter, and linear length results together from the sum layer (eye symbol).

Google Maps Area Calculator App

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Imperial Area Measurements with Inch Fractions

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