Top reasons utilizing an area calculator can help your real estate listings

Selling your home? Or perhaps you work in commercial real estate and are looking to give your listings a boost? By utilizing SketchAndCalc’s area calculator and understanding the exact floorplan of a home or commercial property, you can help boost your listings with an added dimension of information for potential buyers. 

Help potential buyers visualize

Providing an accurate floorplan of your listing can help potential buyers visualize the home or commercial property before a showing, helping maximize your time.

In residential real estate, including a floorplan with your listing can help buyers visualize the home and “mentally move in,” helping establish boundaries and size comparisons of rooms, offices, kitchens, etc.

In commercial real estate, an accurate floorplan may help potential buyers visualize what they want the space to be — and how their vendor(s) or lease(s) may be able to utilizie the space.

Find serious buyers only

According to the National Association of Realtors, floor plans are clicked on 7.5 times more frequently than maps on real estate listings. 

By viewing a floorplan ahead of time, that means a potential buyer can visualize the space before reaching out to schedule a showing. That means that if your floor plan is clicked on and viewed within a residential or commercial listing, you’re capturing people who are seriously interested.

SketchAndCalc’s Area Calculator

By utilizing SketchAndCalc’s area calculator, residential or commercial floorplans can be calculated quickly (and easily), with or without indicated dimensions. Once calculated, you can then export the floorplans as a DWG, DXR or PDF file format for easy importing and real estate calculations.

Learn more about utilizing SketchAndCalc’s area calculator to find the area of a commercial or residential floorplan.

Interested in utilizing SketchAndCalc as an area calculator to help with your home improvement or real estate projects? We’re confident you’ll love our easy-to-use area tracing technology. Click here to start drawing today!

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