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How to Calculate Acreage of Land?

Begin to calculate acreage by searching for the land area. Enter the address, postal code, or longitude and latitude into SketchAndCalc’s search field. Once you’ve found the area of interest, zoom in and choose the maps ‘Satellite’ or ‘Hybrid’ view. Next, begin to carefully draw the lands perimeter using one of the many drawing tools. … Read more

Surveyors Formula Land Area Calculator

Conduct your own land survey. Try our land calculator for fast accurate measurements over a map or imported plan. Simply search an address or import an image and begin drawing the area of the plot. Draw multiple irregular or curved sections of land for an accurate calculation in any measurement system including acres or hectares. … Read more

Google Maps Area Calculator App

Many industries require fast, accurate area calculations over Google Maps. The ability to follow a maps curved contours, calculate multiple complex areas and lengths over Google Maps is a priority for professionals. Search the Google Maps on address or longitude and latitude. Then simply draw the shapes perimeter as it appears on the map to … Read more

Area Calculator App

SketchAndCalc is an area calculator app developed initially as a web application that runs on a web server and was written using the React.js framework. Later, the area calculator app became available for desktop operating systems, namely Windows 10, and macOS through the Microsoft and Apple App stores. Lastly, SketchAndCalc for iOS and Android were … Read more