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Area Calculator Online

Online area calculators commonly provide area calculations of regular polygon shapes like rectangles, triangles, and in some cases, circles, by inputting lengths, angles, or diameter measurements. SketchAndCalc provides an alternative to regular online area calculators by offering a drawing grid for users to describe the shape or shapes they wish to find the square area … Read more

Calculate the Body Surface Area

Body Surface Area Calculator App

SketchAndCalc is often used in the medical community as a Body Surface Area Calculator. Whether to calculate a persons somatotype or just to compute the total surface area of a human body, referred to as body surface area or BSA. Direct measurement of BSA can be difficult, most surface area calculators employ formulas that offer … Read more

Area of imperial measurements with inch fractions

Imperial Area Measurements with Inch Fractions

SketchAndCalc™ offers area calculations using imperial measurements with inch fractions which avoids any need to convert decimals to fractions or the other way around. No more will you have to calculate the decimal equivalent of 2 foot, 8 inches 13/32 in order to set the drawing scale or input a line length. 2′ 8″ 13/32, … Read more

Accuracy of Irregular Area

How Accurate is our Area Calculator?

So you’ve trialed SketchAndCalc™, but just how accurate is our area calculator? Area of Regular Polygon ShapesBased on the number of vertices (control points), and the angles between them, SketchAndCalc™ automatically detects whether a Square, Rectangle or Circle is present. For these regular polygons, a formula is chosen to calculate area based on the length … Read more

Export to .CSV

Export Area and Perimeter Results to a table The irregular Area and Perimeters of multiple shapes can now be exported to a .CSV file for further import into a spreadsheet or table. After sketching, select ‘Export’ from the main menu and choose ‘.csv‘ to start downloading your .CSV file. Once downloaded open the file with the … Read more

Roof Area Calculation of Six Homes using SketchAndCalc

Roof Area Calculator • Surface Area Multiplied by Pitch

Calculating the surface area of a sloped roof can be time-consuming without the right tools. You want a roof area calculator that provides accurate estimates to help you order materials such as shingles, membrane, roofing, or ceramic tile.