Import Images from clipboard and more…

Copy + Paste to Import Images

It is now possible to import images directly from your computer’s clipboard using the Copy and Paste commands.

This feature improves workflow for users that need to calculate the area of images saved on the web, or in other programs.

To try this out, simply Copy an image from your browser etc,  then in SketchAndCalc use the computers Paste shortcut from the keyboard <Command+V> Mac, <CTRL+V> Windows/Chromebook/etc.

The image should appear in SketchAndCalc ready for you to set the scale and add to the drawing canvas.

Copy Results to Clipboard

Copy the Area and Perimeter results directly from the results bar. Place your cursor over the results area and click the “copy” button to add the text results into the clipboard to be pasted into a spreadsheet etc.

Copy the area calculator results to the clipboard.

Overwrite Saved Files

We’ve improved the file management too. Making updates to a saved file no longer requires you to save a new file.

If you wish to update an existing file simply click the filename in the picker and click Save. You’ll be prompted to <Overwrite> or <Cancel>. Selecting overwrite will replace the old file with the new one.

Overwrite saved area calculator files instead of creating a new file.

Other small Improvements

We added lots of little tweaks here and there to improve the performance of image rendering, the time it takes you to find your work on large files (the zoom level and position will be saved), and cursor line weights have been beefed up.

More to come

Here are a few of the improvements in the pipeline…

Export to  .CSV – DONE

Export a simple .CSV file containing the layer number, area result, and perimeter result of your file.

Image Library

Avoid importing the same image twice. Access all images you’ve previously uploaded to save time.

Sum Layer – DONE

Edit an area from the sum layer. Better align areas that appear on separate layers to one another.

Overlapping areas

Display the area of overlapping shapes from the sum layer.

And most importantly…

Rolling out all these changes to the Android, iOS, Mac and Windows apps.

,As always, let me know what you think of these new features.