Imperial Area Measurements with Inch Fractions

SketchAndCalc™ offers area calculations using imperial measurements with inch fractions which avoids any need to convert decimals to fractions or the other way around.

No more will you have to calculate the decimal equivalent of 2 foot, 8 inches 13/32 in order to set the drawing scale or input a line length.

2′ 8″ 13/32, or, 2 feet 8 inches and 13/32 in decimal is 2.7 feet.

And gone are the days when you need to break out the calculator to convert decimal area results into inch fractions.

Decimal equivalents of imperial measures are of little value in the real world because it’s not easy to convert between them.  So we set out to make the input of imperial scale, and line lengths more user friendly by structuring the input fields like this:

Input field for Feet, Inch Fractions

SketchAndCalc™ has always provided area calculations in feet and yards. But going forward you’ll now be able to switch between displaying scale, line length, and area results in native imperial with inch fractions or decimals from the settings menu.

From Settings you can control how you'd like SketchAndCalc to display Imperial measurements as either Inch Fractions or Decimals.

So practically, what does all this look like?

There are three places where you might want to enter an imperial length

Setting the Scale of an Imported Image

Setting the drawing scale of an image to imperial feet and inch fractions

Setting the Scale without an Image

Setting the drawing scale in imperial area measurements with Inch Fractions

Adjusting Established Line Lengths

Adjusting an irregular shapes line length in feet, inches, and inch fractions.

Support for native imperial measurements with inch fractions is also available on our desktop and mobile companion apps

Note: The imperial input of length and scale in the mobile app requires using the [ . ] period to move between feet, inches, and fractions.