Land Area Calculator • Multiple Irregular Shapes

Find the Area of an Irregular lot of Land

Do you need to calculate the area of a parcel of land or many small lots? Follow these easy steps using the land area calculator feature of SketchAndCalc™

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Step 1

First, log-in to SketchAndCalc™ and select ‘show maps’ (M) from the main menu. Then enter the address of the property into the maps search field (or longitude and latitude) in the top left corner.

Search Map Area Land Area Calculator

When zoomed in, switch to satellite view and use the pan tool to reposition.

Change Map Satellite View Land Area Calculator

Step 2

Next, using either straight line or curved drawing tools, begin to draw around the area. If the area is too big to fit into view use the pan and zoom controls as you draw.

Land Area Calculator of the Colosseum

TIP: Line length labels are displayed as you draw. If you find these label’s obscure the view just switch them off from Menu > Settings > Application. Also, you can adjust the grid transparency and drawing line weight.

Step 3

Finally, with the shape now complete the area and perimeter results are visible in the bottom right corner. Note the plus (+) symbol used to create new drawing layers, and the eye symbol used to sum the area of all drawing layers together. This is helpful for calculating multiple plots of land.

Land Area Calculator of the Colosseum, Rome

If you need to see the results in other measurement systems rollover the blue bar.

Area of the Colosseum in both metric and imperial systems using Land Area Calculator

Land Area Calculator with Multiple drawing layers

To calculate multiple complex shapes simply add a new drawing layer by selecting the plus (+) symbol in the results bar (bottom right corner). Each drawing layer can contain a single area or angle calculation.

Area of the Colosseum in meters using Land Area Calculator

You can sum all the square areas from multiple layers by selecting the eye symbol in the results bar. This will display all the areas you’ve drawn over the image and sum them together.

Multiple Areas of the Colosseum using Land Area Calculator

The sum layer (eye symbol) allows for layer visability to be toggled on/off. This is useful in the event you need to print a subset of layers, or want to remove an area from the summed calculation results.

The image below shows layer 1 and 2 in blue as visible, a layer in grey is not, and its area will not be added.

Land Area Calculator result of Multiple layers

Choose up to 12 different colors for each drawing layer.

Drawing Layer colors Land Area Calculator

Being able to calculate the area of multiple shapes, sum the areas, control layer visibility, save, print, and export images of each layer sets SketchAndCalc™ apart. Professionals needing fast accurate results on mobile and desktop platforms agree that no other land area calculator comes close to its speed and ease of use.

Don’t need a Land Area Calculator? Calculate the Area of an Image…

If you have a plan or image to work from instead of a map the process is similar. Read about how to import any .jpg, .png, .gif, or .pdf file, set its scale, and add it to the drawing grid.