What is the Free Educator Account?

Our Free Educator Account has access to a dashboard where log-in sessions can be created for students and their saved files can be managed. A session name and generated password can be made available to all students who, upon log-in, will have full access with the exception of being able to delete files. Registration is … Read more

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancel anytime. Simply login and go to Settings > Account > Unsubscribe. Upon canceling your annual subscription the balance of the plan will be prorated monthly, based on the date of cancellation. A refund for the remaining months will be offered and credited to the card on file. Refunds for the balance of monthly or … Read more

When will I be billed?

With Pay-As-You-Go there are no monthly subscription payments. You pay only for the day or days you use SketchAndCalc during the course of a single month. Example in USD: (For prices in your local currency click here.) Sign up on Sept 3rd, and use for a single day (24 hours). You should expect to be … Read more

How much does it cost?

User AccountsThere are two Subscription options and a Pay-As-You-Go plan for infrequent use. Based on usage you can choose from the following: Project – a monthly recurring subscription. Pro – an annual recurring subscription. Pay-As-You-Go – a daily 24-hour subscription that is billed monthly * * You are only billed for the day/s use during … Read more

How can I get help?

Detailed help articles and in-depth tutorials with animations can be found here. In addition, there are many blog articles that discuss use-cases. If you’re not able to find answers to your question please drop us a note with a detailed description or question and we’ll get right back to you. The more info the better.

What measurement systems are supported?

Area and perimeter results are offered in both metric (decimal measurement system or SI) and the imperial measurement system. Metric: Square NanometersSquare MicrometersSquare MillimetersSquare CentimetersSquare MetersSquare KilometersAnd Hectares Imperial:Square InchesSquare FeetSquare YardsSquare MilesAnd Acres

Can I calculate liner length?

Yes. Not only can you draw multiple line lengths on separate layers, you can sum the total length of all open shapes together in one place. Giving you a total view of all liner lengths on all layers. You can even reference one layer whilst drawing another, and color code them.

How do I set the drawing scale?

When finding the area of a map the drawing scale is set automatically based on map data. Just zoom in and start drawing. To set the scale of an image you’ll be prompted to draw and enter a ‘known length’ during image importation. A ‘known length’ could be any landmark or object on the image … Read more