What is the Free Educator Account?

Our Free Educator Account has access to a dashboard where log-in sessions can be created for students and their saved files can be managed.

Free Area Calculator Dashboard. Create Free Calculator Sessions for Students.

A session name and generated password can be made available to all students who, upon log-in, will have full access with the exception of being able to delete files.

Registration is limited to educators of accredited schools only and subject to a verification process that involves adding a SketchAndCalc ‘badge’ to the schools website.

This badge is required to verify that an educator is a current faculty member of an accredited school.

Example Badge

During registration an educator will nominate a page of the school website (example: www.school-homepage.edu/page1) as the intended location of the badge so that it can be easily found by our servers.

An email, containing a selection of badges will then be sent with instructions.

It will normally take 24 hours to validate an account as this is a manual process. Once registration has been approved and the badge has been correctly placed (in Wordpress, for example, it gets added as a custom html not embed), the educator will be able to log-in to the dashboard (Note: educators do not select ‘student’ at the log-in screen).

Log-in sessions created from the dashboard last 12 hours but can be ended at anytime. Simply enter a session name, and click ‘Start Session’ to generate a random password that, along with the session name, can be distributed to all students.

To log-in, students select the ‘student’ toggle switch on the log-in screen and enter the session name and password provided.

Students can export, print, and save files made during sessions. Educators can also view all saved files made during each session from the dashboard.

Educator Dashboard to manage Free Area Calculator sessions.

Drawing settings are controlled globally by the educator from the dashboard.

Drawing Settings for Area Calculator.

Should an educator leave the profession, or move to another school, the account can be closed. Closing the account converts it to a regular user account, requiring a subscription, and or re-registration to a new school.

To begin click Sign up and select the ‘Educator’ switch.

Should you have any questions please reach out here.

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