Biology Area Calculator

Irregular area calculator for organic shapes.

Find Area Of Organic Shapes

Finding the irregular area of organic shapes found in nature couldn’t be easier.

Our calculator’s flexibility offers researchers in fields like botany, ecology, evolution, genetics, marine biology, micro and molecular biology, physiology, and zoology the accuracy and ease of use they need.

Save Time with the Magic Wand

If your images have a high contrast like this one you can use the Magic Wand tool to auto select your shape. Turning a 2 minute task, into a 2 second task.

Area, perimeter and linear line lengths (if open shapes are present) are displayed in the bottom right corner in all common metric and imperial measurement systems.

Annotations can be added to your calculation before you save and export as an image.

Area calculators and the medical industry

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How Accurate is our Area Calculator?

Accuracy of Irregular Area

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